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A Home Away From Home

Marash is a traditional restaurant in every sense, from food to décor to ambiance. It offers authentic Gulf cuisine and has become widely known for its fresh, wholesome, rich, and aromatic dishes.


Introducing a variety of tastes that adhere to the Gulf (Khaleeji) culture, Marash presents to its customers a gastronomic experience that takes them through the traditional foods of the region through their taste buds. The wide buffet spread allows the customers to enjoy wholesome and homemade Khaleeji food with a personal touch from its Bahraini head chef, who makes the food every day herself. With a great selection of mains, salads and desserts, Marash welcomes customers from all over the region who enjoy eating local food outside of their homes.

The name Marash stems from the traditional vessel that holds rosewater and is sprinkled onto hands after a meal. The traditional brass sprinkler was the inspiration behind the brothers launching a restaurant that captures the essence of the values and rich history the Gulf region has to offer. The buffet menu offers dishes such as Ghouzi, Machboos, Biryani, Harees, Jireesh, Madrooba, Chicken Salona, Tikka, Kebabs and more, with dishes changing every day. To finish off the meal, diners are treated to an array of traditional desserts.

Serving flavors from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman, visitors from all over the region ensure that they make Marash a must-try destination during their visit. Today, Marash is a popular spot to when people prefer a taste of home away from home.

Marash was initially introduced in 2013 to ignite the passion to eat traditional food in a cozy and comfortable environment. When the founders - brothers Jassim Al Ameen and Adnan Al Ameen - found a lack of restaurants offering quality traditional cuisine in the Kingdom of Bahrain, they set on a journey of herbs and spices to create dishes that not only taste good, but to also be a long remembered meal.The vision was to make every dish taste like a home-cooked meal.

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